C2 Lido Tan Leather Watch review

The design of the C2 Lido Tan Leather watch shouts superb quality the moment you see it. Not only does the tan leather watch shout quality but also when you place the fine watch on your wrist, you will feel the quality of the watch as well. The stainless steel face and back plate features a screw in crown. The C2 Lido offers you the use of the calendar that displays the day and date of the month. The quartz movement of this watch is excellent. The leather strap of the watch offers a butterfly clasp to put the watch on and off. You will find the serial number of each watch engraved into the stainless steel portion of the watch. The weight of the watch is under a couple hundred grams and only measures 40 mm. Included on the watch is a reflective crystal that appears on the face plate of the watch. This watch is all the way around a good deal when looking for a top of the line watch.
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